Series: Alternate Theology of Homosexuality

Series: Hell and the God of Love

Series: Healing Spiritual Hurts

The Silence in Dinah’s Cry

October 24, 2021
A discussion on domestic violence through the lens of Genesis 34.

Jesus is… Proud?

October 17, 2021
A reflection on Jesus' engagement with James and John in Mark 10.

Amosian Silence

October 10, 2021
A reflection on Amos 5 and Jesus' words from Mark 10.

A Theology of Purpose

October 3, 2021
A reflection on Genesis 2, Mark 10 and Jesus' words on marriage and divorce.

Drowning Self-Interest

September 26, 2021
Jesus calls the powerful and privileged to set aside self-interests and to see and seek liberation for the suffering ones of the world.

A Ministry of Encroachment

September 19, 2021
A reflection on Mark 9:30-37 and Jesus' subversive vision of welcome.

He Said to Himself

September 5, 2021
A reflection on Mark 7 and Jesus' encounter with the Syrophoenician woman and a deaf man

Straight from the Heart

August 29, 2021
Jesus encourages us to understand faithfulness in our relationship with God.


August 22, 2021
God practices irony and scandal.

A Different Game

August 15, 2021
A reflection on Jesus' startling words about eating his flesh and drinking his blood.