Series: Alternate Theology of Homosexuality

Series: Hell and the God of Love

Series: Healing Spiritual Hurts

Holy Disruption

March 3, 2024
A reflection on John 2 and Jesus' clearing of the Temple for the first Sunday of Women's History Month and the third Sunday of Lent
Theological reflections on what death is and why there is death

Memento Mori

February 25, 2024
A refleciton on death from Mark 8 for the second Sunday of Lent
Continuing our Lenten series on a Theology of Death, Bill Hunt reflects on his own story over the past few years and what it has taught him about life and…
Class 1 of a Lenten series on a Christian theology of death
A reflection on Mark's account of the transfiguration of Jesus

The Ministry of Miracles

February 4, 2024
A reflection on the healing of Simon-Peter's mother-in-law in Mark 1

Discerning the Spirits

January 28, 2024
A reflection from Mark 1 on casting out "unclean spirits"

In the Water With Them

January 7, 2024
A reflection on Jesus' baptism for the first Sunday of Epiphany from Mark 1

Salvation as Presence

December 31, 2023
A reflection on Simeon and the incarnate presence of salvation in Luke 2