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A reflection on the church's first Pentecost from Acts 2.

Dandelion Jesus

May 16, 2021
A reflection on the ascension of Christ.
A reflection from Acts 10 on Cornelius, Peter and the Holy Spirit.

Philip’s Silence

May 2, 2021
A reflection on Acts 8 and Philip's encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch.
Open discussion about previous presentations.

Other Sheep

April 25, 2021
A reflection on the Good Shepherd from John 10.
Having discussed New Testament examples of the Trinitarian strategy of welcome in previous weeks, Kevin applies the strategy to a contemporary example: the welcome of ourĀ  LGBTQ+ neighbors.

Touch and See

April 18, 2021
A reflection on Jesus' resurrection appearance to his disciples in Luke 24.

Welcoming Thomas

April 11, 2021
A reflection on the first eight days of the early church from John 20.

Do Not Hold On, But Go

April 4, 2021
An Easter reflection on the practice of resurrection from John 20.