Series: Alternate Theology of Homosexuality

Series: Hell and the God of Love

Series: Healing Spiritual Hurts

Niki Tucker shares her story of an early and unexpected pregnancy, shares her thoughts on adoption and abortion, and reflects on how her thinking on these things has adjusted over…

Faithful Spluttering

May 7, 2023
A reflection on the value of perplexity in faith from John 14

Abide with Us

April 23, 2023
A reflection from Luke 24 on how to recognize the resurrected Christ

Hands of Proof

April 16, 2023
A reflection on Thomas's doubt from John 20
An Easter reflection on Mary's experience of resurrection from John 20

April Saints

April 2, 2023
A Palm Sunday reflection on Jesus' entry into Jerusalem from Matthew 21

Iesous Edakrusen

March 26, 2023
A reflection on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in John 11
A reflection on Jesus healing a man born blind in John 9