Series: Alternate Theology of Homosexuality

Series: Hell and the God of Love

Series: Healing Spiritual Hurts

“Extremist” for Love

January 15, 2023
A sermon for Martin Luther King Jr. memorial weekend
A reflection on the star the Magi followed on their way to Christ in Matthew 2

Joseph’s Choice

December 18, 2022
A reflection on living well without explanation for the fourth Sunday of Advent

Singing Mary’s Song

December 11, 2022
A reflection on Mary's Magnificat for the third Sunday of Advent

Wilderness Wanderings

December 4, 2022
A reflection on the call to the wilderness in Matthew 3 for the second Sunday of Advent

An Advent Burglary

November 27, 2022
A reflection from Matthew 24 on Jesus the thief for the first Sunday of Advent
A reflection on the three antagonists in Luke 23 and Jesus' response to them

An Impossible Belief

November 6, 2022
A reflection on the inexplicable mystery of resurrection
A reflection on Jesus' encounter with Zacchaeus in Luke 19

Pandemic Story

October 23, 2022
Dan Dickinson shares his pandemic story